Category: Network Embedding

Our recent work of attributed network embedding, knowledge graph alignment, and influential nodes tracking in dynamic network.

  • Uchenna​ Akujuobi, Qiannan Zhang, Han Yufei, Xiangliang Zhang. Recurrent Attention Walk for Semi-supervised Classification. Accepted by The 13th ACM International WSDM Conference​. Feb 3-7, 2020, Houston, Texas. (Acceptance rate =91/615 = 15%)​
  • ​​Yujun Chen, Ke Sun, Juhua Pu, Zhang Xiong, Xiangliang Zhang. GraPASA: Parametric Graph Embedding via Siamese Architecture. Accepted by Information Sciences.​​​
  • Yujun Chen, Juhua Pu, Xingwu Liu, Xiangliang Zhang. Gaussian Mixture Embedding of Multiple Node Roles in Networks. Accepted by WWW Journal.