Chengcheng Yang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Spatial Temporal Data Management 

Selected Publications

[1] Yang C, Chen L, Shang S, et al. Toward Efficient Navigation of Massive-Scale Geo-Textual Streams[C]. IJCAI, 2019:4838-4845. 

[2] Deng D, Yang C*, Shang S, et al. LCJoin: Set Containment Join via List Crosscutting[C]. ICDE, 2019:362-373. 

[3] Jin P, Yang C, Yue L, et al. SAL-hashing: A Self-Adaptive Linear Hashing Index for SSDs[J]. TKDE 2018.

[4] Yang C, Jin P, Yue L, et al. Self-Adaptive Linear Hashing for solid state drives[C]. ICDE, 2016:433-444.

[5] Jin P, Yang C, Jensen C S, et al. Read/write-optimized tree indexing for solid-state drives[J]. The VLDB Journal, 2016, 25(5), 695-717. 


​2012/09–2017/07  PhD,  USTC Dept. of CS 
2008/09–2012/07   Bachelor of Engineering, USTC Dept. of CS