​We are collaborating in research with a number of prestigious universities and international research centers. We are interested in ​fostering new collaborative partnerships with world-wide colleagues and peers.

Our current main collaborators are as follows. 
Prof. David Keyes​​, Prof. Alyn RockwoodProf. Panos Kalnis and Prof. Xin Gao
We participate in collaborative research inside the KAUST community with Prof. Keyes in high performance computing and Prof. Rockwood in computer vision and pattern recognition. Also, we collaborate with Prof. Kalnis in databases and Prof. Gao in machine learning and bioinfo​rmatics.​

Dr. Michele Sebag

TAO Research Group ( mixed INRIA SaclayCNRS and LRIUniversité Paris-Sud, France)

We have solid collaborative research since 2006 when I became a Ph.D. student in INRIA, France​. Our joint work lies in machine learning, data streaming, autonomic computing, ​data mining and recently brain-computer interface.​​​​

Dr. Hani Jamjoom​ and Dr. Zon-Yin Shae
Research group Cloud Platforms and Transformation
We have a joint project LIQUIDx - An Elasticity Framework for High Performance Computing Clouds​.​​​
​Prof. Suojin Wang ​We have collaborative research in machine learning and statistics. 
Prof. Jianhua HuangWe participate in collaborative research in machine learning and statistics.​
Dr. Haixun Wang
We participate in collaborative research in knowledge database.
Prof. Cécile Germain-Renaud ​
TAO research group​ at Université Paris-sud, France
We engage solid collaborative research in grid management and autonomic computing.