Page 05/16/2020 05:40:57

Two papers accepted by KDD 2020. Congrats to Shichao, Lu, Guoxian, Yutong and Hongyan!

A paper entitled​ "REA: Robust Cross-lingual Entity Alignment Between Knowledge Graphsand another paper entitled "Attackability Characterization of Adversarial Evasion Attack on Discrete Data" have been accepted by KDD 2020. KDD is a flagship conference in data mining. This year, a total of 1297 papers were submitted to the Research track, of which only 216 were accepted. Congrats to Shichao, Lu, Guoxian, Yutong and Hongyan!

In addition, a tutorial is accepted by KDD'20: Multi-modal Network Representation Learning: Methods and Applications​, which will be given by  Chuxu Zhang (Univ. of Notre Dame) Meng Jiang (Univ. of Notre Dame), Xiangliang Zhang (myself), Yanfang Ye (Case Western Reserve University) and Nitesh Chawla (Univ. of Notre Dame).